Road Noise Cancellation

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The Challenge

Multi-link suspensions create multiple noise paths into the vehicle. While stiff bushings are often the best choice when trying to design a vehicle with great handling and cornering, they tend to allow more unwanted noise into the cabin. When combined with the universal trend toward wider, low-profile tires, the result is road noise transmitted through the structure of the vehicle, creating a ‘droning’ noise. There are many energy transmission paths through the suspension and structure that all contribute to the resulting noise. This noise is distracting and can increase driver drowsiness.

The Solution

HARMAN has created one of the most exciting advances in automotive acoustics: the HALOsonic® Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) System. The RNC technology reduces unwanted road noise inside the car by generating an anti-noise similar to the anti-noise created in noise-cancellation headphones. The result is a more comfortable ride, enabling OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to use lighter structural materials by helping to compensate for the resulting increase in interior noise. Lightweight materials, in turn, enable OEMs to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising the performance of the car.

The Benefits

  • RNC helps create a peaceful, quiet interior for a relaxing atmosphere that is also ideal for enjoying your favorite music.
  • It slows down the onset of driver fatigue by reducing the low-frequency droning noise in the car.
  • HARMAN’s patented HALOsonic TrueAudio technology ensures that in-cabin audio remains unaffected by noise cancellation.
  • RNC helps cancel low-frequency broadband noise that otherwise could be reduced by using heavy damping material. This material adds weight to the car, thereby increasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while at the same time compromising the car’s performance.

How it works



Driving Experience





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