Internal Electronic Sound Synthesis

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The Challenge

When it comes to cars, sound plays a huge part in the choices people make. The way a car door sounds when it is closed and the way the engine roars when you’re hitting the accelerator can make or break a sale. In striving to reduce the environmental impact of cars with combustion engines, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are developing “downsized” engines with smaller displacements, fewer cylinders and turbochargers all of which impact the original engine noise.

The Solution

HARMAN engineers have set out to improve the sound of the various propulsion concepts, making the engine sound mightier than it actually is. To improve the driving experience, the HALOsonic® internal Electronic Sound Synthesis (iESS) technology enables sound contouring inside the car by creating speed-, acceleration-, and throttle-dependent sounds through the standard speaker system. The system delivers improved engine feedback and makes drivers feel connected to the car they drive.

The Benefits

  • iESS helps synthesize an exhilarating engine sound that adds a very emotional element to the overall driving experience.
  • It helps reinstate original engine sound in case of sound loss due to OEM features such as downsized engines and the use of turbochargers.
  • iESS offers multiple engine sound modes (for example normal, moderate and sporty engine sound) for the same car, thereby enhancing car occupants’ emotional experience.

How it works



Driving Experience





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