Engine Order Cancellation

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The Challenge

The noise produced by internal combustion engines and exhaust components can be substantial. Conventional methods for reducing the transfer of such noise to the interior would involve reinforcing the structural stiffness of the chassis. This adds weight to the vehicle, which translates to higher fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and a decrease in performance. Additionally, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) actively pursue fuel-saving and emission-reducing measures such as cylinder deactivation, which in turn create droning noise inside the car.

The Solution

The high-performance HALOsonic® Engine Order Cancellation (EOC) controller uses the engine RPM signal as a reference to generate a sound wave that is opposite in phase to the engine vibration-induced noise. In addition, error microphones mounted in the roof of the car provide feedback on the amplitude and phase to refine noise-cancelling effects. As a result, EOC makes it easier to reduce use of conventional damping materials. OEMs can implement cylinder deactivation, leading to improved fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

The Benefits

  • EOC facilitates a potential reduction in usage of conventional damping materials, thereby reducing overall vehicle weight, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • EOC reduces low-frequency engine boom and exhaust noise, thereby staving off driver drowsiness.
  • EOC creates a peaceful, quiet interior for a relaxing atmosphere that is also ideal for enjoying your favorite music.
  • Unlike competitor systems, the patented HALOsonic TrueAudio technology ensures music signals remain unaffected by noise cancellation.

How it works



Driving Experience





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